Lagers, Pretzels, and Brats – Oh My!

Back in April, myself, my boyfriend, and a couple friends attended Urban Chestnut Brewing Company’s Lagerfest, in St. Louis. It was a great time – with great food, great company, and, most importantly, great beer! At the time, I was not anticipating a craft beer blog. So, unfortunately, I cannot comment on any specific beers as I was not taking any notes. What I can say, however, is that lagers are not usually my go-to, but I found several beers that I did enjoy and the food was pretty darn tasty!

Picture5 Picture3

The event itself was much different from other beer festivals I have attended in the past. It was interesting because, the brewery itself was still open to the public, but attendees were guided to the room their tanks are located to visit with the various brewers and sample their beers. Visitors, for the event, were also able to use their tickets to receive samples from the main bar if they wanted to try beers from Urban Chestnut specifically (I do believe they had some guest taps on draft as well).

In addition to the small set up by their tanks, we also walked across the street to their consumer research brewery called “The U.R.B.” A third location was included as well – a small park nearby. It was nice to enjoy some drinks outside on that cool, slightly rainy day.

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After visiting outside for a bit, we returned to Urban Chestnut’s main tap room for some traditional, Bavarian style folk music and food. The environment was a blast and, although I’ve never attended an Oktoberfest event, it felt very much like how I’d imagine one. My boyfriend and I split a plate of pretzels and a plate of bratwursts with sourdough toast, sauerkraut, potato salad, and mustard – it was delightful (except the part when I cut into the brat and juice shot me right in the eye). While I regret not taking down the names of my favorite beers, I do still have a can that I acquired that day.

Picture2 Picture4

Zwickel Bavarian-Style Lager

Urban Chestnut Brewing Company

ABV: 5.1%, IBU: 19

While I am partial to the hoppiest of IPAs, I found myself thoroughly enjoying this beer. The Zwickel lager (which is pronounced as zv-ick-el) is Urban Chestnut’s flagship beer in their reverence series. The beer has a cloudy, golden-yellow color with a billowing head.

The Zwickel lager had a very prominent yeast taste and smell, but was also very light and drinkable – separating it from some traditional tasting wheat beers. I enjoyed the crispness and carbonation as well. In my opinion, it tasted like a very traditional lager and I appreciated the authenticity.

As I write this, it is a stormy day here in Southern Illinois. This beer appropriately fit the day’s dreary feel as it provided a sense of comfort – but I could see myself enjoying it by the pool as well.  Overall, I enjoyed Urban Chestnut Brewing Company’s Zwickel Lager. I will always lean towards hoppier beers, but I would not pass up another opportunity to enjoy this one – but I will make sure I have some pretzels on hand as this beer certainly made me crave those salty little twists.

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