Lupulin Carnival & the Cinderella Beer

On May 19, I attended 4 Hands Brewing Co.’s Lupulin Carnival with a group of friends. It was a great time and a festival I absolutely plan on attending again! The carnival was held at St. Louis’s Union Station – at first, I thought it was strange to hold an event at a train station until I realized it was no longer in use. Apparently Union Station holds a lot of events for this city and it was an awesome venue to visit! There were brewers everywhere – more than I have ever seen in a single event. I was most excited to try out Left Hand Brewing’s Chai Nitro Milk Stout, it was delicious! The chai flavor wasn’t overwhelming; it was just an all around great beer, although it was something that I think I would have preferred to drink this time of year. But I did not encounter my favorite beer of the day until the carnival was almost over.

I was able to sample multiple beers before even entering the building, but once inside I was amazed at how many more options were available. My boyfriend and I separated from the pack and I hit as many booths as my little lightweight body could handle and savored every sip. Along the way, we encountered so many intriguing events – there were women on stilts, an acrobat display, snake handlers, balloon hats, card readers, and more! It was an absolute blast and I wish I could have taken everything in more.

The food trucks were outstanding – I got an amazing quesadilla from Seoul Taco that I inhaled very quickly. And, of course, I had to get a scoop of Ices Plain & Fancy’s nitro ice cream, mint chocolate chip was my flavor of choice and that was gone within minutes! I recently visited Ices’ actual location and it was everything I could have dreamed of; next time I will absolutely be getting a scoop of their alcoholic ice cream!

Everything about this carnival was amazing, but the part I remember the most was my favorite beer of the day! It was a milkshake IPA from Dangerous Man Brewing. It was the best thing I have ever tasted but I can’t even remember how to describe it. I didn’t expect an IPA to blend with “milkshake” so fluently but it absolutely did. This beer is not listed on the carnival’s page, so I can’t even recall the name of the beer. Plus, Dangerous Man has many variations of milkshake beers in their lineup, so process of elimination doesn’t even help me. But I’m calling this a beer scavenger hunt – I plan to get my hands on as many of Dangerous Man’s milkshake IPAs so I can find my dream beer…picture Prince Charming and the glass slipper, only I’m the prince holding out a glass pint until I find my Cinderella beer.




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