This past Saturday, I attended my very first Oktoberfest celebration! It was such an amazing experience and I am so excited to attend future fests next year. My local brewery, Recess Brewing, hosts an annual Oktoberfest and myself, my boyfriend, and my brother showed up before the doors even unlocked! I can’t deny it, I felt self-conscious waiting outside for the doors to open – but I am so grateful to have arrived early.


I was anxious to get my hands on two of their Oktoberfest steins and try out their “Choco-dunk-nuts” and their “Eville Pumpkin” and I’m happy to say I got them all! The “Choco-dunk-nuts” was made by adding chocolate and peanut butter into their dunkelweizen beer – it was very intriguing. This beer was not my favorite of the day, but I really enjoyed trying something new…it almost had a spicy flavor to it! I absolutely loved the “Eville Pumpkin,” it tasted like a fairly standard pumpkin ale and I have really been looking forward to the true transition to fall so I can start enjoying those basic girl beers!


The tasty beers were the highlight, but the Deutschmeister Brass Band was fantastic, and the food was indescribable. The Goshen Butcher Shop brought various meats and I can’t stop thinking about their pork nuggets – I’d love to say I could find a way to perfectly replicate those smoky bites, but there is no way to make them as flawlessly as the Goshen Butcher Shop did! They certainly found a new customer in me, that day. To top everything off, the weather that day was ideal. Here in Southern Illinois, we have days in the fall that still reach 90°, but Mother Nature decided to give us the perfect break and kept the sunny day from even reaching 70°!


After enjoying the outside weather while sipping on brews, we enjoyed the rest of the afternoon sitting at an indoor table, with the open-window’s cool breeze blowing by. There was nothing I would have changed about such an enjoyable experience – except maybe the hangover than came later.

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