Budweiser ‘Beam Beer

My parents have always told me that I’m a marketers dream – tell me something’s limited edition and there’s a 99.99% chance I’m going to buy it. So, when Anheuser-Busch released their Repeal Reserve last year, I had to get my hands on it. I really enjoyed that beer. Honestly, I can’t remember the flavor, but I remember I liked it a lot. I also felt really special having something that was supposedly rare.

Several months later, their Freedom Reserve was released. At this point I realized that these specialty releases were going to become “a thing.” I was excited. Of course, I quickly got a hold of that 6-pack and enjoyed it once again. However, I still preferred the Repeal Reserve and find myself still wishing I could sip that one again (I’m sure I could if I just took the time to look for it).

Recently, the Jim Beam and Budweiser collab. Copper Lager was released. I was in the thick of Sober September but clearly still picked up a pack at my grocery store. I’ve been excited to try it for a while now – but have not gotten the opportunity to do so until last night. The overwhelming response I felt from this beer was “it’s not what I expected.” I certainly enjoyed it. It was extremely light and highly drinkable. But it was lacking in flavor. Seeing as it’s a barrel-aged lager, I expected a stronger alcohol presence and an overall different flavor profile. The one thing that really threw me for a loop was the overwhelmingly strong malty smell that was followed by no malty flavors.


I don’t want to bash on this beer because I really did enjoy it a lot. I still have five more and I plan on drinking every single one (well, maybe my fiancé can have one or two). I think I just went into it with the wrong expectations. These specialty series beers give me the overall impression of a craft beer. I expect something a bit heavier, a bit more flavorful, a bit more unique. This one tasted very much like a standard Budweiser with a slightly different after-taste. Had I gone into it expecting the beer to be as light as it was – I may have enjoyed more. I look forward to sipping another one, in the coming weeks, with appropriate expectations and enjoying it more thoroughly.


And, of course, I look forward to the release of the next beer in this series. I am going to need at least three more to fill up a decorative 6-pack holder sitting on my shelf.


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