Contradictory But Satisfactory

Here in the St. Louis suburbs, it’s that awkward time of year where Mother Nature hasn’t quite accepted that it’s time to let go of the warm summer weather and transition to the chilly fall. In the same token, I haven’t quite accepted that it might be time to let go of my light, summer beers and transition into the heavier, maltier flavors of fall. Although I certainly enjoy a crisp pale ale on a muggy summer day and a rich porter on a rainy fall evening – I’ve never been one to follow the “rules” about when to do what. I’m going to drink an IPA when it’s 15°outside and I’m certainly going to wear white after Labor Day.

In honor of the weather’s inability to commit to a season, I’d like to share one of my favorite, traditionally warm weather, beers and a favorite, traditionally cold weather, beer. Three Floyds in Munster, IN is one of my favorite breweries. There is a lot of hype surrounding their beers, but let me tell you – it is well-justified! There was a time when I was not a fan of the cult-favorite Gumballhead but now, I just can’t get enough of it! It’s an American Pale Wheat with a moderate 5.6% ABV. The light, crisp flavor is highly drinkable and a nice compromise for those who may prefer something like a Blue Moon and those who find themselves itching for the hoppiest IPA they can get their hands on!


But when the mood hits me and all I want is something slightly sweet and robust, Robert the Bruce is where I gravitate. Its rich, dark color is soothing on even the dreariest of days and its malty flavors always bring a smile to my face. Robert is a Scottish-Style Ale with a 6.5% ABV that certainly contributes to that malty-flavored smile. While Robert is one of those beers I will always prefer on draft, I can’t resist that brightly colored 6-pack whenever it catches my eye.


So here I am, telling you all about a Gumballhead by the pool and Robert the Bruce next to the fire…while I’m cuddled up in my favorite brown sweater, space heater filling the room, and that trusty Gumballhead to complete my contradictions.

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