About Me

Welcome to my beer blog! My name is Jordynn and I recently relocated from the Chicago suburbs to the Greater St. Louis area. I became interested in craft beer when I started working at a local bar & grill with a great craft beer selection. Over the two and a half years I worked there, my interest in craft beer grew from the occasional post-shift brew to a full-on fascination. I sampled whenever I could and questioned as often as possible.

I expanded my palette in so many ways – gone were the days of running to my comfortable Blue Moon; now traded for that risky double IPA or that ever-intriguing oatmeal stout. While I’m far from competing with the many craft beer aficionados of this day and age, my adventurous taste buds and desire to learn have led me to be the budding beer enthusiast that I (somewhat) am today. So let’s learn together, as we journey down The Golden Ale Road!